ProductsManaged software solutions to support ets services and methods.

2017 Products

Managed Surveys

The ets Managed Survey provides you with a comprehensive, and fully customized survey solution. From survey design and alignment to organizational objectives and critical measures, to expert facilitation and results interpretation, ets makes it simple to gather valuable information from employees, clients, or any other demographic, quickly and accurately.

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​C-net is a comprehensive, online platform for building needs analysis, matching, and tracking systems.

Using a modular approach, the C-net platform can be easily customized for a wide range of data delivery and collection scenarios including:

  • Social services resource and referral
  • Targeted sales and follow-up
  • Organizational best practices reinforcement
  • Client needs assessment and data mining

Features include a complete range of customizable templates, profile instruments, resource guides and management reports. The system also supports multiple, branded portals to provide a targeted interface to different customer populations.

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