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  • 2017 Academy Offerings

    Leadership Academy (5 day training)

    • Understand concepts and tools to help you become a more effective leader.
    • Learn effective approaches for setting expectations, communicating, developing high impact strategic and business plans, and reviewing performance at all levels.
    • Provide an environment and tools for you to identify Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs) in your personal leadership capabilities.
    • Enable you to create an effective personal individual Development Plan for leading your organization.
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    Conferece Code: LEADERSHIP201

    Management Academy (3 day training)

    • Acquire the skills necessary to implement strategic and business plans and engage the workforce.
    • Learn effective approaches for leading work units, managing projects, and evaluating team effectiveness.
    • Evaluate your personal management style to work more effectively with leaders, peers and subordinates.
    • Understand how to develop measures for setting goals and evaluating results.

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    Conferece Code: MANAGE201

    Lean Six Sigma for Leaders (2 day training)

    Lean Six Sigma, Leaders
    • Understand how to integrate Lean Six Sigma thinking with your communications plan, strategic plan, human resource plan and operations.
    • Learn how to conduct operational reviews so that strategic and process objectives are achieved.
    • Learn how to conduct a SWOT analysis, prioritize findings, and translate them into goals and objectives for action.
    • Learn how to evaluate a strategic plan prior to implementation to determine the probability of its success.

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    Conferece Code: LSSLEADERS301